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About Us

Some Words About Us

Since 2016, DIC Europe has been active on the market as a wholesaler for IT products and systems.
The DIC Europe is an internationally operating company, that focuses on European countries.


The company is gradually expanding its range of products. It is continuously extending its sources of supply and deal with well-known manufacturers and Europe’s largest distributors of IT products. Today, more than 18, 000 kind of products are accessible. These include PC systems, portable computers, mobile telecommunications, softwares, printers, servers, monitors and IT peripherals. We believe the secret to success is optimal cooperation between sales/purchasing and logistics. As one of the main factors, in the distribution of IT products, speed and reliability matters to us as well. Therefore our founders are not just managing directors, but are also involved in the running of the company’s daily routines. The company also places great importance on personal contacts with customers. Just like our employees, our directors can be reached anytime.


The motto of DIC Europe BV is “ competence - reliability - quickness - competitive prices”. We have created a fair, competitive and strong team. We build upon good communication with all our business partners. Joint advancement in order to be successful on the market on the long-term matters to us. It is essential that all our colleagues are up-to-date. Trainings and further education are part of what we do and also a basic requirement. Our aim is to maintain a continuous and fast growth in order to reach, and be part of the elite European distributors as fast as possible. As we see it, the stable growth of quality of our services and contiguous innovation will maintain sustainability, this way it will ensure our existence in the future, as well. Hence, feedback and the satisfaction of our partners bear great importance of us.

Key business priorities

  • Our fast-paced daily business requires reliable partners on both sides
  • prompt response to all requests both by e-mail or on phone
  • Our goal is to provide top quality products for our customers at competitive prices
  • unique, customized prices to particular projects
  • quick and easy ordering process, sequential and punctual order fulfillment
  • extensive logistics services, delivery and forwarding to any ECC country.
  • relevant RMA-service exchange information without delay. This concept also includes a small but safe administration. We endeavor to provide efficient and high standard of RMA-services for our customers.

When we build, let us think that we build for ever

John Ruskin

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Our Product

Range of Product

Here you can view all the products we offer. You are also able to see whether particular products are now available and check the current price list or read more information about transporting options and costs. Here you may also request technical help or advice, even further information on our products. For using the full range of services you have to log in. If you are not a registered customer yet, but interested in our goods, you may also search by manufacturers, or by product groups, which will make the search easier,and can also be further distributed into subgroups. We hope we are appealing to you and may welcome you soon among our customers. Do you have questions? Send us a message and we will answer you as soon as possible.


Here you can find the main components of personal computers like mainboards, processors, vga cards, hard disks or USB hard disk drives, solid state drives, optical drives, memories and memory cards, USB sticks, computer cases, power supply, network devices, mice, pc speakers & multimedia

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Consumables & Office tools

Here you can find printers, scanners, photocopiers, barcode scanners. Furthermore, essential consumables for running devices such as cartridges, toners, printer paper, photo paper, maintaining and cleaning kits are also here.

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Mobile devices

Look here for smartphones, tablets, notebooks and netbooks.

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Multimedia devices

Look here for monitors, television sets, projectors, digital cameras and game consoles.

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DIC-Europe BV

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  • Address: Bijsterhuizen 3007B,
    6604 LP wijchen.
  • Phone: + 31 (20) 893 2724

Working Hours

  • Monday - Friday - 9am to 5pm
  • Saturday - Closed
  • Sunday - Closed